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How we use Nanotechnology in our oil and fuel additives

Nanotechnology has seen enormous progressions in recent years which has taken the technology to the next level. Our Nanotechnology is carbon based which has solved the previous problems preventing it being used in oil and fuel additives.

In comparison to metal-based formulas, our carbon-based nanotechnology is colourless and keeps particles in suspension for longer, giving improved performance to the end user.

Solving your specific problems with innovative solutions

As a result of our partnership with LSI Chemical, we have access to their incredible, state of the art lab facilities. This means that we can test our additives in your existing formula to find the perfect balance of performance and function.

Their scientists inside the lab are also available to help develop products that specifically meet your needs and solve your problems, ensuring we can always provide you with a high-quality product that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

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